War Paint

As a little country girl, I can remember playing Cowboys & Indians. I, being the little princess that I am, always wanted to play an Indian squaw. While my brother was always a Cowboy….& not much has changed! It’s been 12 years since I’ve called myself by my Indian Princess name (Walks with Fire), did a rain dance or hunted buffalo in the cow pasture. But there is one thing that this Indian Princess has never forgotten, & that’s how to do battle. No self respecting Indian can go into battle without her war paint!
Each day I rise & prepare for battle…
& my inner diva is currently in love with these trendy Summer Colors: Aveda lip pigment cana913 & Aveda eye definer: jade vine990.



breakfast of champions

If you’re like me, you enjoy your sleep. If I had it my way, I’d sleep right through breakfast & well into lunch. Alas, the life of a full time student & working gal leaves little time for beauty rest, & even less time for fancy meals no matter what time they’re scheduled for.
I find myself in a constant struggle to stay healthy on a budget. I’ve save myself precious sleeping time & money, just by getting a little creative with my meal planning.

The Easy Eggo:

1. Toast a whole wheat Eggo Waffle (or if you have the time batter your own).
2. Spread your favorite nut butter on top. (My favorite is almond butter)
3. Slice a banana & fan slices over the layer of nut butter.
4. Drizzle with honey.
5. Top with berries.

Bon Appetit!

¡mi papá es una viajera del mundo!

I’ve always been envious of my father’s travels. He’s been to more countries than I can even name, eaten things that most would swat, and made friend of all colors & sizes!
He would always return from afar with the most interesting things! My favorite was when he would return with things that I could wear…fancy that!

Today, I’m feeling primitive-chic:


Inspiration pieces hail from Dakar, Senegal- Africa


Essie brand polish is seriously my new favorite thing! So this summer, I chose to compliment my reddish ruse locks with pops of peach from their coral collection, {essie.com}. Essie has a brilliant collection of color in all shades & for all disguises.

This Spring, Essie has partnered wit TOM’S shoes to help support the “One Day without Shoes” movement to raise awareness for barefoot babes around the world. If you’re going to polish your paws,  support a worthy cause while you’re at it.

baby janes

Lately, I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with crocheting. A very dear older friend taught me how to crochet when I was still in grade school. Now, 15 years later, I’m in a crochet craze and I can’t control myself. My latest crochet creation, baby Janes has inspired more baby bootie ideas via my crochet hook.

I intend to send these little ladies to a very special baby girl in Louisiana. They do make a perfect, from the heart, baby gift.


Starving Artist Showcase

It’s less than 24hrs till our artists will be setting up & sound checks will be radiating from the roof top of our industrial oasis in downtown Dallas. When I find time to breathe, I plan on updating new outfits & renovations…Oh what a beautiful life! Can not wait!

natural nails

I’ll probably be noosed & hung from the nearest tree for saying so, but fake manicured nails are outdated! For some reason though, Southern women insist on damaging their natural nails by permagriping those suckers onto the tips of their fingers. Not to mention they severely limit your ability to mix & match accent colors to your outfits. Short, rounded & polished nails are easy to upkeep & totally DIY. Here are some Fall 2010 polish trends to help wean you from your un-natural ways:


No joke, bust out those rock collections… we’re making jewelry!

Recently I’ve had an itch to start making my own jewelry. After repeated trips to Michael’s filling, then emptying my cart, I’ve finally got a stone solid idea. And that idea is four little letters long {all the good words are}, OPAL.

Opal, is by far the most under rated gem stone. I would say, “in my opinion” but it is, no matter who’s opinion it is {or isn’t}. In researching this fine gem of a stone, I’ve come across some very interesting facts about my new friend Opal. Opals are the most colorful of all gems. Among the 80+ color variations of Opal, I’ve found that my favorites {at least for this season} are classic White, Fire Opal & the more rare Black Opal. Not to mention the fact that most Opal is over 60 MILLION years old, that dates back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth, which totally appeals to my inner nerd.

I just can’t wait to hang these little hunnies from my neck!

nerd alert!

A. Nerd Alert Eyewear: DressCode UK (here)
B. Penguin Classics: Penguin Classics Online (here)
C. Buffalo Check Boyfriend Cardigan: Polyvore (here)
D. Pleather Hobo Bag: ModCloth (here)
E. Calculator Watch: Casio (here)
F. Colored Suspenders: Hot Topic (here)
G. Skinny Jeans: JBrand Style 912 (here)
H. Red Collecting Kindling Boot: ModCloth (here)
I. Leather Octopus Messenger: Custom Handbags by Michelle White (here)
J. Chunky Charm Chains: ModCloth (here)
K. Book Worm Tee’s: ModCloth (here)
L. Black Dancing on the Ceiling Flats: (here)

if it makes you happy!

I know these cutesy little ‘Day of the Dead’ magnets aren’t pivotal to a good day’s work, but they definitely brighten my day a bit.  Few things make me happier than Mexican food, fiestas & cheerfully clad bare bones.  Sometimes, you just gotta splurge!